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Home » Pharmacy Equipments » Rotating Drum (Kymograph)
Rotating Drum (Kymograph)

A kymograph is a device that gives a graphical representation of spatial position over time in which a spatial axis represents time. It basically consists of a revolving drum wrapped with a sheet of paper on ehich stylus moves back & forth recording perceived changes of phemena such as motion or pressure.
Its primary use was to measure phenomena such as changes in muscular contractions or physiological processes.
Our model is provided with S.S. Spindle with 6x6" cylinder with screw fit. The drum is capable of giving all the 8 speeds. The drum is devoid of any slow/fast knob, noise & gives very smooth performance with good torque.

Speed of Kymograph:

  • 640  mm per seconds
  • 320  mm per seconds
  • 25   mm per seconds
  • 12.5 mm per seconds
  • 2.5  mm per seconds
  • 1.25 mm per seconds
  • 0.25 mm per seconds
  • 0.12 mm per seconds

There are various accessories for Kymograph as below:

  • Drum Paper Clip
  • Myograph lever
  • Frog Board
  • Dubios Key
  • Simple Electrode
  • Tunning Fork
  • Mary Tambour
  • Brodie Lever
  • Artery Forcep etc.


This product was added to our catalog on  Monday, February 4, 2008

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Rotating Drum Kymograph