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Home » Pharmacy Equipments » Ultrasonic Cleaner (Sonicator)
Ultrasonic Cleaner (Sonicator)

Ultra Cleaners are used to remove Dust, Oils, Grease, Polishining Compounds, Waxes, Swarf, Stains & other contaminents.

It works on principle of Ultrasound i.e. high frequency electrical energy is converted into ultrsound waves by means of ultrasound waves by means of ultrasonnic transducers, which are bonded on the base of S.S. Cleaning tank. These high frequency sound waves create in the liquids countless microscopic vaccum bubbles, which rapidly expand & collapse. This phenomenon is called Cavitation.

These come in different Capacities & the Brochures of the product are attached in this page as below.

This product was added to our catalog on  Friday, October 2, 2009