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Impact Testing Machine

The impact energy absorbed by the specimen during reputure in measured as the difference between the height of drop before repute and the height of rise after rupture of the test specimen and is read on the dial scale.

Technical Specifications:

Charpy and Impact Tension Test

Izod Test
Pendulum drop angle140"85" 21"
Effective weight20-59 kg.21.79 kg
Speed* 5.3465 m/sec3.857 m/sec.
Impact energy30kgm (300J)16.4 kgm (164J)
Min. graduation2J2J
Distance of axis of hammer rotation
and centre of test piece/point of test
piece hit by hammer
Max. permissible loss by friction0.5% of max. impact energy
Charpy TestIzod TestImpact Tension Test
A) Striking edgeA) Striking edgeA) Striking edge
Angle 30o +- 1oAngle 75oDistance between forks 36mm
Radius of curvature 2.25mmRadius of curvature 0.75mmRadius of curvature 1mm
Width 18mmHorizontal relief 10" 
 Vertical Relief 5" 
B) SupportB) SupportB) Support
Distance between arm 40mmFor gripping specimen withfor clamping specimen with
Slopping angle 0"dimension of 10 x 10mmdimension of following
Relief angle 10" Diameter 6.4mm
Radius of curvature 1.25mm Length (Total) 6.4mm
  Length (Measuring) 25.4mm
  Thread of supporting M10 x 1.5
This product was added to our catalog on  Monday, March 17, 2008

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