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Home » Mechanical Engineering Lab » UTM Microprocessor Based Version
UTM Microprocessor Based Version
Application System:
  • This is state of the art micro processor based signal processor which operates on digital o/p signal from data Acquisition part and displays the test results on large digital displays. This also handle relevant calculation toge UTS value, % displacement, Break load etc. Feature: up based.
  • Large display for load and displacement.
  • Centronic parallel port for printer/plotter inter face (optional)
  • Result includes:
    1. Load Vs Displacement
    2. Maximum load
    3. Maximum displacement
    4. UTS value
    5. Proof stress (with Extensometer)
  • Data entry through push button type keyboard.
Safety Features:
  • Machine stops after specimen failure.
  • Safety against over travel of piston.
  • Surge protector.
  • Auto machine diagnosis.
  • Safety against overload.
This product was added to our catalog on  Monday, March 17, 2008

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UTM Micro