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Home » Surveying & Civil Engineering » SIEVE SHAKER Gyratory Motion
SIEVE SHAKER Gyratory Motion

SIEVE SHAKER (GYRATORY TYPE) driven by a 0.25 H.P. motor, 220 volt A.C. through a reduction gear and is suitable to carry upto 7 sieves of  12” or 8" dia.

When clamped the sieve table does not rotate but is inclined from the vertical axis and the direction of inclination changes progressively in the clockwise direction.

In addition to the gyratory motion of the shaker there is an upward and downward movement at a frequency of 270 r.p.m.

The whole mechanism runs in oil bath and the table can be unclamped to give an additional rotary motion.

Analog Timer 0-60mins is inbuilt in the shaker.

This product was added to our catalog on  Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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